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For over 50 years, JBL has been involved in every aspect of musical and film recording and reproduction, from live performances to monitoring the recordings you play in your home, car, or office. We're confident that the you have chosen will provide every note of enjoyment that you expected ­ and that when you think about purchasing additional audio equipment for your home, car, or office, you will once again choose JBL. Please take a moment to complete the enclosed profile card. It enables us to keep you posted on our latest advancements, and helps us to better understand our customers and build products that meet their needs and expectations. JBL Consumer Products JBL loudspeakers read first! Before You Begin. included CM42, CM52, CM40AW, CM42AW, CM52AW + + CM Center + + + + + + + features · Rugged, high-impact molded plastic cabinet · Built-in wall-mount brackets (except CM Center) · Video-shielded (excludes all-weather models) · Optional adjustable wall/ceiling-mount brackets available: · MTC40, MTC40WHT (white) ­ for models CM42, CM52, CM40AW, CM42AW, CM52AW note for all-weather models While the CM40AW, 42AW, and 52AW are weatherresistant, they are not designed to be immersed in water. Be selective in your outdoor placement. Placing these speakers under roof eaves or a patio awning will offer a slight shelter and help contribute to years of trouble-free performance. When installed outdoors, the speakers should be angled down slightly, using the optional MTC40 mounting brackets. Speaker Placement As front speakers As rear speakers 5 ­ 6 ft. CM Center 0-2 ft. TV TV The CM Center includes two sets of feet. This gives you a total of three different options to properly direct the sound toward your listening position. For a slight downward angle, do not use either set of included feet...
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