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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя SIEMENS GIGASET-A38H

Подробные указания по применению содержатся в руководстве пользователя.

Display INT Function when pressed Call other registered page 7. handsets Open main/submenu (see page 10). Menu tree Go back one menu level. Scroll up/down or adjust volume with u. Move cursor to left/right with u. Backspace deletes one character at a time. Confirm menu function or save entry. INT 11:56 MENU V MENU ¢ " U T ~ OK ¢ ECO DECT You are helping to protect the environment with your Gigaset A38H. Reduced energy consumption Your telephone has an energy-saving adapter plug and uses less energy. Reduced transmission power (depending on the base station) The transmission power can only be reduced if your base station supports this function. The transmission power of your telephone is reduced automatically: The handset's transmission power is reduced depending on the distance to the base station. The transmission power on the base station is reduced to virtually zero when only one handset is registered and the handset is in the base station. You can reduce the transmission power of the handset and base station even more by using Eco Mode/ Eco Mode+. For further information, please see your phone's user guide. 2 Safety precautions Read this user guide and the safety precautions carefully before use. Explain their contents and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone to your children...
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