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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя HP LASERJET M5035 MFP

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3 and 20071002 48. 4 in which a manual power cycle is required to complete the firmware Issue Description: A manual power cycle is required when an update is performed with the following versions of firmware: LJ M3027/35 MFP LJ M5025/35 MFP Date code: 20070628 48. 3 Date code: 20071002 48. 4 The MFP will require that someone physically turn the power of the device "OFF" and "ON" using the power switch. This power cycle is required to complete an update to a component of the device which cannot initiate a power cycle on its own. A message will be displayed on the HP Easy Select Control panel indicating that the power cycle is required (See Figure # 1). In addition, a "Hide" button will also be available on the screen which will allow a user to hide the screen to make a copy, perform a digital send or send a fax but it will not finish the update until the power cycle has been performed. It is important to realize that because the device has not completed its update there may be some circumstances where not all features may work as expected. Figure #1 Page 1 of 2 IMPORTANT NOTE: No methods that are available to remotely power cycle the device will work. Only turning the power switch "off" and back "on" will finish the update process. It is important to note that the device will still receive faxes and in most cases, a user will be able to send a fax, digital send, copy and print while in this state. The update process will not be complete until the power switch has been turned "off" and "on" and the MFP comes to a READY state...
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