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Page 7 of 9 white paper Notes and Cautions: For standard time zones, select the time zone, click on Time Zone, then click Configure. The Start Date and End Date settings will automatically be set for your selected time zone after you click Configure. The only time you would change settings in the Daylight Savings Time section would be to set custom dates and times. The Daylight Saving/Summer Time On checkbox is not used with these firmware revisions. It was only used with one prior MFP firmware revision. Setting via the control panel: The Time Zone screen can is located under Administration/Time Scheduling/ on Mseries products. On non-M-series products, separate menu items exist for Time Zone and Adjust for Daylight Saving Time in the Configure Device/System Setup/Date & Time menu. Setting the time zone via the control panel is not recommended with these releases. Please refer to Known issues with Release 2 below. Page 8 of 9 white paper Differences between Release 1 and Release 2: There are two primary changes from Release 1 to Release 2: Release 1 forces the user to enter the time zone via the control panel when a device is upgraded. This requires user intervention, which is problematic for remotely-managed devices. Release 2 does not display a Time Zone screen on the control panel. Release 1 displays the Time Zone screen, but the user could select Cancel. This leaves the time zone setting at its default value of GMT, but the DST settings are not actually configured for GMT. Release 2 sets the default time zone to Not Configured, making it easier to determine if the device has been configured. Other fixes in Release 2: · As mentioned above, the device may indicate GMT as time zone, but DST settings are not configured. If the device is off during the time of the selected time change, the clock will not adjust...
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