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s Environment protection s s s The temperature selector dial will allow you to choose the most suitable temperature for your laundry. The automatic cooling of the washing water from 95° to 60°C before draining will prevent old drain pipes from being deformed. The two drying programmes will give your wash that soft, relaxed feel whatever the weather. Packaging recycling Materials marked with the symbol are recyclable. To enable them to be recycled, they must be placed in the appropriate collection areas (or containers). Check with your local Council or Environmental Health Office. >PE<= polyethylene >PS<= polystyrene >PP<= polypropylene s Hints on how to save energy By following these hints you will obtain economical washing without damaging the environment: s Whenever possible, wash the maximum load for the selected programme, without overloading the drum. s Use a programme with prewash only for very soiled laundry. s Measure out detergent according to the water hardness, the degree of soiling and the quantity of laundry being washed. Machine scrapping When the appliance is to be scrapped, cut off the power supply cable and make the door closing device unusable to prevent young children from being trapped inside. Use authorised disposal sites for your old appliance. The symbols you will see on some paragraphs of this booklet have the following meaning: Important information concerning the safety in the use of your machine. Disregarding this information might lead to damages. i Information for correct use of your machine and to obtain the best performance. Important information concerning environment protection...
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