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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя RENAULT CLIO 2 1.2

Подробные указания по применению содержатся в руководстве пользователя.

· to ensure that it is always running well by following the simple, but strict, advice concerning regular maintenance. · to enable you to deal quickly with minor faults which do not require specialist attention. The few minutes you spend reading this handbook will be amply rewarded by the information which it provides and the technical innovations it will bring to your attention. If certain points are still unclear, the technicians in our Network will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may require. The following symbols are used in this handbook to help you while you are reading it: To indicate a risk, danger or safety advice. The description of the models given in this handbook is based on the technical specifications known at the date this document was produced. The handbook covers all equipment (standard or optional) which is available for these models, but their presence on the vehicle depends on the version, options selected and country of marketing. Certain equipment which is due to be made available during the year may also be included in this handbook. Enjoy driving your new Renault. Copying or translation, in part or in full, is forbidden without written permission from Renault, 92100 Billancourt 2002. 01 Brief overview · Tyre pressures. 04 - 0. 05 · Adjusting the seats and driving position. 11 · Child restraints. 24 · Warning lights...
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