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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя YAMAHA DTX522K-DTX542K

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, Digital Musical Instruments Division © 2013 Yamaha Corporation 211POAP*. *-01A0 Printed in Vietnam 1 Open the boxes to reveal their contents. After opening up the packages containing your electronic drum kit, please verify that all of the following components are present. Assembly Manual EN ZE16420 Components of both DTX522K & DTX542K  XP80 Snare Pad (x1)  PCY135 Cymbal Pad (x1)  PCY100 Cymbal Pad (x2)  KP65 Kick Pad (x1)  RS502 Electronic Drum Rack (x1)  RS502 Owner’s Manual (x1) This manual describes the standard assembly procedure for the DTX522K and DTX542K electronic drum kits. It covers assembly and wiring of the kit as shown below. When you have completed all of the steps described, you will be ready to turn on the drum module and start playing. Example of standard assembly Cymbal pad Cymbal pad IMPORTANT This manual describes the process of assembling drum pads and a drum module to an already assembled RS502 Electronic Drum Rack. Before starting the steps below, therefore, be sure to assemble your RS502 as described in the Owner’s Manual that came with it.  HH65 Hi-hat Controller (x1)  Hi-hat holder (x1)  Nine-channel snake cable (x1) Tom pads Cymbal pad (hi-hat) NOTICE Drum module Tom pad Before starting assembly, lay a drum mat (sold separately) on the floor. Alternatively, you can place cardboard from the drum kit packaging or the like on the floor to prevent it from being scratched. This is particularly important when using the HH65 Hi-hat Controller and KP65 Kick Pad.  Stopper for PCY100 and PCY135 (x3)  Cable band (x6)  Tuning key (x1)  DTX502 Drum Module (x1)  Power adaptor (x1) * May not be included depending on your particular area. Please check with your Yamaha dealer...
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