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“Door open” indication This washing machine is equipped with automatic safety functions which detect and diagnose faults at an early stage and react appropriately, e. “Service” indication C. “Water tap closed” indication D. “Clean pump” indication Care Labels Max. Load kg PROGRAMME CHART C D } B I G Type of wash/Notes - Respect the manufacturer’s recommendations on the care label Normally to heavily soiled and robust white cotton laundry. In case of heavy soiling or stains, you can add an oxygen-based bleach additive which can be used at 95°C. This programme eliminates bacteria, ensuring sanitization of your laundry. The bacteria removal efficiency has been tested following a similar methodology to the NF 13697 standard. Normally to heavily soiled bed linen, table linen and underwear, towels, shirts etc. made of cotton and linen. Heavily soiled and robust laundry made of cotton, synthetics and their blends. Economical energy consumption by prolonged wash duration - ideal to be run overnight to profit from more favourable energy rates. Avoid noise of spinning at night by setting the spin speed to “0” and start spin programme in the morning, or by defining programme start with “Start delay” accordingly. - For garments with a high share of synthetic fibres, we recommend to use a laundry net. Normally soiled garments made of artificial fibres (like polyester, polyacryl, viscose etc. ) or their blends with cotton. H A E. Programme selector F. “Start/Pause” button G. Spin speed selector H. Programme sequence indicator and start delay indicators E Prewash Main wash F Detergents and additives I. “Reset” button Special options Start delay Rapid Max. Spin Speed rpm Programme Softener Prewash Intensive Rinse Spin rinse hold Prélavage Rinçage Arrêt Essorage intensif Cuve Pleine Départ différé Rapide Cotton white 95 °C Cotton 40 - 60 °C Coton blanc 95 °C Coton Couleurs 40 - 60 °C 7. 0 95 °C 7...
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