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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя JVC LT-47P789

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2) Gently pull down the TeleDock, place the adapter in the dock and Insert your iPod (Make sure TV Out is turned on in the iPod’s Video Menu) 3) Press the button and wait for communication to be established iPod The TeleDock lights will flash to indicate the TV is establishing communication with your iPod. When the JVC logo appears on your iPod and the lights stop flashing, you are ready to begin. NOTE: Once communication is established, please press the iPod button on the remote before removing the iPod from TeleDock. 2 4) The main iPod menu appears From the main menu, you can select “Music Play”, “Music Shuffle Play” or “Video Play”. NOTES: iPod • Press the button to enter or exit the menu. • Disconnecting without doing so can interfere with the iPod/TV communications and you may have to start over. Detaching your iPod abruptly from the TeleDock will forcibly exit the menu. (“iPod not found”) will appear on the TV screen. Getting to Know what your TeleDock can do: TCON Mode: TCON stands for Television Mode. In TCON mode your TV Remote is in CONTROL of your iPod. (Page 5 – 7) iTV Mode: Allows you to watch TV while listen to music on your iPod. (Page 7) PCON Mode: PCON stands for iPod Mode...
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