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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя SIEMENS GIGASET-L410

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fm / 22. 2011 Congratulations By purchasing a Gigaset, you have chosen a brand that is fully committed to sustainability. This product’s packaging is eco-friendly! To learn more, visit www. gigaset. DIN A 6 / / Leerseite mit Cropmarks / archimedes_A6_leer+Crop. fm / 03. 2011 Version 1, 03. 2011 Gigaset L410 / en / A31008-M2240-R101-1-4U19_02-08-2011 / archimedes_en. fm / 04. 2011 Gigaset L410 – Freedom of movement while phoning Using the practical handsfree clip you can speak on the telephone for hours in comfort – with outstanding sound quality. Your Gigaset L410 expands the possibilities of your cordless telephone: Enjoy full freedom of movement while phoning Attach the Gigaset L410 to your clothing and move around as you wish while phoning. You can then be reached anywhere at home or in the office and keep your hands free while phoning – without any annoying cables. Operate the device at the touch of a button Are you moving around the house and want to take an incoming call? Or do you want to transfer a call on a handset to your handsfree clip? All you need to do is press one key and you’ll be connected with the caller. Hold a three-way conference A family member is making a call and you would like to participate. Simply join in on the existing call and talk on the telephone together. Adjust the volume of the Gigaset L410 to your surroundings Regulate the volume of the loudspeaker and ringtone by simply pressing a key – five volume levels are available. You can also switch off the ringtone completely. Environment Environmentally-aware telephone calls – Gigaset Green Home. You can find details on our ECO DECT products at www. gigaset. com/service Version 1, 04. 2011 Further information is available online at www. gigaset. com/gigasetl410. Please register your Gigaset device immediately after purchase, at www. gigaset...
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