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blaupunkt. com 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 2 Controls 1 On/Off button Short press: Mutes the device. Long press: Switches the device off. 2 button to open the flip-release control panel. 8 DISPL button Short press: Briefly displays alternative display contents (e. time). Long press: Changes display contents. 9 MENU button Short press: Calls up the menu for basic settings. Long press: Starts the Scan function. : Arrow buttons ; Buttons 1 - 6 < button (Eject) for removing a CD from the device. 3 Volume control 4 SOURCE button to switch sources between radio, CD, CD changer (if connected) and AUX. 5 AUDIO button to adjust bass, treble, middle, subout, balance and fader. Switching X-BASS on/off and adjusting it. Selects an equalizer presetting. 6 BND·TS button Short press: Selects the FM memory banks and the MW and LW wavebands. Long press: Starts the Travelstore function. 7 TRA·RDS button Short press: Switches traffic information standby on/off. Long press: Switches convenient RDS function on/off. 40 Contents Notes and accessories. 43 Disposal of old unit (EU countries only). 43 Installation. 43 Optional equipment(not part of the scope of delivery). 43 Detachable control panel. 44 Theft protection. 44 Detaching the control panel. 44 Attaching the control panel. 45 Switch-off time (OFF TIMER). 45 Switching on/off. 46 Adjusting the volume. 46 Setting the power-on volume. 46 Quickly reducing the volume (Mute). 47 Telephone Audio/Navigation Audio. 47 Switching the confirmation beep on/off. 48 Automatic Sound...
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