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pentax-community. com, www. pentax. de PENTAX U. , Pentax House, Heron Drive, Langley, Slough, Berks, SL3 8PN, UNITED KINGDOM, ww. pentax. uk PENTAX Canada Inc. , 1770 Argentia Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 3S7, CANADA, www. pentax. ca Shutter United Kingdom Canada The manufacturer reserves the right to changes in technology, design, equipment and scope of supply without advance notice. As of August 2005 Leather Case Optio WPi Neoprene Case Optio WPi AP013801/FOM 01092005 PENTAX Optio WPi The ideal companion for Pitons, Snowboards or Snorkels. Experience and photograph all the elements of nature ­ water, snow, or sand. You'll be perfectly equipped with the PENTAX Optio WPi for carefree photo adventures. Discover a new world: below the surface of the water. A change in perspective can show you a completely new aspect. What does the beach look like from the viewpoint of a seal? Try it out yourself ­ you can shoot photos in the water with the Optio WPi. Get perfect pictures wherever you go: the roaring cascades of a waterfall, the wild waves on the beach, the drenching sprays of white-water rafting. Water presents no challenge for the Optio WPi. It works under water up to a depth of 1. 5m ­ an absolute dream for snorkelling, swimming or diving. Adventurers need the right equipment. Although the Optio WPi is only 22mm thick, it is optimised for extra action. The body is ergonomic and durable. The operation simple. And you won't have to miss that wild scene just because of dirt or dust: the Optio WPi can simply be rinsed off under flowing water. Waterproof to a depth of 1. 5m, 6...
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