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Overview The disk overwrite software removes all data from the spool, swap, and outQ partitions of the DocuSP hard disk. The data cannot be retrieved. Data is overwritten in four passes using different patterns written to the entire disk, or section of the disk. This four-pass algorithm conforms to U. Department of Defense Directive 5200. Of the four passes, the third pass is used to write 0x40404040 and the last pass is to verify (by reading and comparing) 0x40404040. An option is provided to perform a single pass (fast mode) disk overwrite. The data overwrite operation does not process defective or spare blocks for SCSI and FCAL drives. It also does not perform any special disk error recovery. If a higher secure data overwrite scheme is required, the Sun Solaris Format/Purge command is available. Additionally, 3rd party software with more flexibility and functions, such as UniShred Pro is available. However, it is not part of the DocuSP software nor supported by DocuSP. The disk overwrite procedure can be initiated from the DocuSP interface or from a UNIX command line. Requirements · · DocuSP version 3. 8 or higher If running DocuSP 3. 8, the Solaris operating system version 8 for disk overwrite software only. NOTE: For systems originally installed with DocuSP 3. 8 or earlier, a full scrape and new installation of the Solaris operating system is required to partition the drive for the disk overwrite functionality. All saved jobs, fonts, forms, resources, and any other customer-installed software are deleted during the installation. · · Minimally two 18 Gbyte disks or one 36 Gbyte disk in the Sun platform in order to support the disk partitioning Disk overwrite license enabled and activated on the DocuSP...
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