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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя XEROX 4110-ENTERPRISE

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The DocuSP controller software must be version 4. 1 or higher for the Remote Workflow software to function. Product overview The DocuSP Remote Workflow allows access to a DocuSP controller on a remote client. DocuSP Remote Workflow provides the functionality of the DocuSP at a remote desktop, enabling the user anywhere on the network to use the full range of DocuSP functions. The Remote Commander tool is included to allow the remote client to easily add printers and to dynamically view the status of all DocuSP systems. After adding printers to the Remote Commander, simply double-click on any printer and the full DocuSP interface is available for use. The DocuSP Remote Workflow software encrypts passwords for security, and the remote workflow can be enabled or disabled on an individual client or DocuSP basis. Refer to the Remote Workflow help for further information on using the Remote Commander. The DocuSP interface includes access to the full DocuSP help system as well. Notes and caveats · · DocuSP version 4. 1 or higher is required in order to use the Remote Workflow software. In order to access a DocuSP controller, the Remote UI tab in Setup > Preferences in the DocuSP UI must be enabled, and the Remote Workflow software installed on a workstation. The installation instructions for the Remote Workflow software are included below. Menus accessed using the right mouse button selected near the edge of the screen may go off the screen, hiding some selections. Shrinking or moving the main window should allow for full menu viewing. The minimum recommended video resolution is 1152 x 864. The Remote Workflow software may crash Windows ME after initial use requiring a restart of the client workstation. Diagnostics cannot be run remotely using the DocuSP Remote Workflow software. If diagnostics is entered at the DocuSP controller, all Remote Workflow connections are automatically disabled...
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