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11n The N-Generation Access Point Tailor-made for Growing SMB Needs Ratification of IEEE 802. 11n allows the technology to achieve good growth in commercial environments as it helps businesses to cope with challenges from increasingly complicated and bandwidth-hungry applications. In addition to enhancing throughput and coverage, the IEEE 802. 11n standard offers the following benefits: elimination of bandwidth contention, future-proof support as well as accommodation for more users and floor space. To catch up the wave of 802. 11n, ZyXEL introduced the enterprise-level NWA3000-N Series Access Point (AP) to meet the requirement of the new "n generation" The new range provides. various AP portfolios from single radio to concurrent radio, as well as dual-frequency APs (dual-band NWA3160-N, dual-radio NWA3560-N, and dual-radio outdoor NWA3550-N). Designed to meet the requirements of SMB market segment, the NWA3000-N Series is ideally suited for advanced service delivery on mission-critical networks. 3-in-1 hybrid AP WLAN including AP controller mode, managed AP mode and standalone AP mode Brand new centralized graphic management interface for up to 24 WLAN APs Back-up redundancy supported to provide reliable connection service Secured tunnels for communication between controller and managed AP to prevent leaking of configurations Enterprise-class AP functionalities with comprehensive configuration interfaces Benefits Fast, reliable 11n technology for future-proof access networks Undoubtedly, mobility is the key to improve employee productivity and efficiency in all modern businesses as more and more bandwidth-consuming Web applications and mobile devices are involved in daily operations today. Beyond mobility, the ratified 11n technology allows faster (up to 300 Mbps) data rates and better network reliability that supports more users to accommodate business needs...
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