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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя SONY VAIO-VPCSB3N9E

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Typically, you cannot modify or delete data in this area, however, there is commercially available software designed for this purpose. Creating Recovery Media You cannot use Blu-ray DiscTM media, DVD-RAM, CD-R, and CD-RW discs as Recovery Media. You can use optical discs and a USB flash drive as Recovery Media. However, it is recommended that you use optical discs, such as DVD-R, since you may accidentally delete the data on the USB flash drive. The number of necessary discs, the types of media you can use, and the capacity of the USB flash drive you need will be displayed during the Recovery Media creation process. It may take some time to display the current status of the procedure. Do not eject or disconnect the media while creating Recovery Media, as doing so may result in a failure of the process. Keep the Recovery Media in a secure place. You may not be able to create Recovery Media with a USB flash drive depending on the drive you use. See the help file included with VAIO Care for more information. Recovering your computer To restore your computer back to its original factory condition, follow one of the recovery methods below. Recovering your computer will delete all the data on the built-in storage device. Recovery, Backup and Troubleshooting Guide Recovery is the process of restoring your computer back to its original factory condition. There are two ways to recover your computer: From Recovery Media From the recovery area Why do I have to create Recovery Media? Recovery Media are used to restore your computer back to its original factory condition. If Windows does not start and you have deleted the recovery area, you will need the Recovery Media to perform recovery. Create the Recovery Media immediately after the computer is ready for use...
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