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1) Read all instructions before beginning the installation. 2) During installation, we will test your PC's firewall settings. If prompted to allow Logitech Alert access to the network, you should always answer "Yes" or "Allow. " Legal Warning 13 Logitech AlertTM Video Security System 0i Logitech Alert 700i/75 ents TM System Requirem & Support Guide Quick-start guide GETTING TO KNOW Certain uses of security camera products and audio devices, such as employee monitoring, surreptitious viewing and recording of images and/or audio, or the use, publication or distribution of image and/or audio recordings, are prohibited or restricted by country, state and local laws. Be sure to comply with the laws in your country, state, and locality when using Logitech Alert products and services. Network Adapter / Power Supply Install Note Are you going to run Logitech WiLife & Logitech Alert Systems Simultaneously? Read special notes at www. logitech. com/security/legacy Do NOT plug the network adapter or power supply into a surge protector or power strip as they interfere with the cameras. Surge protectors are built-in to the network adapter and power supply and protect the cameras. The network adapter and power supply must be plugged directly into your wall outlet. Master System 1 Logitech Alert Camera 2 Software install CD 3 Power supply cable (yellow tips) 4 microSDTM card adapter 5 Desktop stand 6 Mounting accessories 7 Camera power supply 8 Network adapter 9 Network adapter cable (blue tips) 10 Suction cup 11 Power supply cable extender 12 System Requirements Guide 13 Getting to Know Guide 1 Install Software ! Internet access is required for installation. 2 Plug in Network Adapter When prompted to plug in the network adapter: 1) Plug one end of the blue cable connector into the network adapter...
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