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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя SIEMENS GIGASET-AS300

Подробные указания по применению содержатся в руководстве пользователя.

1 Display icon INT Function when pressed 11. INT 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 11:56 MENU V MENU ¢ " U T ~ OK Call other registered handsets page 9. Open main/submenu (see page 13). Menu tree Go back one menu level. Scroll up/down or adjust volume with u. Move cursor to left/right with u. Backspace deletes one character at a time from right to left. Confirm menu function or save entry. ¢ 9 10 11 12 13 The base station at a glance AS300 base station Registration/paging key: Search for handsets (press page 8) briefly, "Paging" Register handsets (press and page 9). hold ¢ ¢ Issued by Gigaset Communications GmbH Frankenstr. 2a D-46395 Bocholt Manufactured by Gigaset Communications GmbH under trademark license of Siemens AG. As of 1 Oct. 2011 Gigaset products bearing the trademark "Siemens" will exclusively use the trademark "Gigaset". © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2011 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. gigaset. com This user guide is made from 100 % recycled paper. 2 Safety precautions Read this user guide and the safety precautions carefully before use. Explain their content and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone to your children. Care Wipe down the base station and handset with a damp cloth (no solvents) or an antistatic cloth. Never use a dry cloth. This can cause static...
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