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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя BLAUPUNKT TRAVELPILOT-RNS-149-LATIN-1

Подробные указания по применению содержатся в руководстве пользователя.

42 $QWLWKHIW 'HYLFH 5HPRYH SRUWDEOH SDQHO As effective anti-theft device, the portable panel ($) can be removed from the unit. For this purpose, press and hold button. The display folds forwards. The portable component can then be pulled out. The volume is limited to a maximum value after the display has been folded down. After 20 seconds an audible signal indicates that the control component is folded down. The unit is switched to mute. The unit switches off after a further 10 seconds. 1RWH For safety reasons, it is not permitted to leave the portable panel open when driving $ $WWHQWLRQ Please insert the portable panel in the accompanying protective cover after removal. Do not touch the metal contacts on the portable panel or on the radio. ,QVHUWLQJ SRUWDEOH SDQHO Insert the portable panel so that it engages first in the lower left catch and then in the lower right. Then press the portable panel into the upper catches. Or position portable panel directly over all four catches and press in firmly to engage. For proper functioning, ensure that the portable panel is firmly engaged in all four catches. If a new portable panel or one from another unit is utilised, the code number must be entered, as previously described, in order to activate the unit. 43 *HQHUDO 2SHUDWLRQ 6ZLWFK RQ RII Press button. Further on / off switching possibilities: Via ignition. In order to switch on via the ignition, the unit must previously have been switched off via the ignition. After switching off the ignition, the unit can be prevented from switching off by pressing the button within 3 seconds. 1RWH The unit can also be switched on with the ignition switched off via the button, but will switch off automatically after 1 hour. $GMXVW YROXPH Turn volume control to right / left. The volume is increased or decreased. The current volume level is shown on the display...
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