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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя ZYXEL NWA-570N

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00 10/2007 Edition 1 DEFAULT LOGIN IP Address http://192. 2 Password 1234 www. zyxel. com About This User's Guide About This User's Guide Intended Audience This manual is intended for people who want to configure the ZyXEL Device using the web configurator. You should have at least a basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking concepts and topology. Related Documentation · Quick Start Guide The Quick Start Guide is designed to help you get up and running right away. It contains information on setting up your network and configuring for Internet access. · Web Configurator Online Help Embedded web help for descriptions of individual screens and supplementary information. It is recommended you use the web configurator to configure the ZyXEL Device. · Supporting Disk Refer to the included CD for support documents. · ZyXEL Web Site Please refer to www. zyxel. com for additional support documentation and product certifications. User Guide Feedback Help us help you. Send all User Guide-related comments, questions or suggestions for improvement to the following address, or use e-mail instead. Thank you! The Technical Writing Team, ZyXEL Communications Corp. , 6 Innovation Road II, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, 300, Taiwan. E-mail: techwriters@zyxel. tw ZyXEL NWA570N User's Guide 3 Document Conventions Document Conventions Warnings and Notes These are how warnings and notes are shown in this User's Guide. Warnings tell you about things that could harm you or your device. Notes tell you other important information (for example, other things you may need to configure or helpful tips) or recommendations. Syntax Conventions · The NWA570N may be referred to as the "ZyXEL Device", the "device", the "system" or the "product" in this User's Guide. · Product labels, screen names, field labels and field choices are all in bold font...
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