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When transporting and installing the appliance, care should be taken to ensure that no parts of the refrigerating circuit are damaged. Refrigerant squirting out of the pipes could ignite or cause an eye injury. If a leak is detected, avoid any naked flames or potential sources of ignition and air the room in which the appliance is standing for several minutes. · In order to avoid the creation of a flammable gas-air mixture if a leak in the refrigerating circuit occurs, the size of the room in which the appliance may be sited depends on the amount of refrigerant used. The room must be 1m3 in size for every 8 g of R600a refrigerant inside the appliance. The amount of refrigerant in your particular appliance is shown on the identification plate inside the appliance. · Never start up an appliance showing any signs of damage. If in doubt, consult your dealer. This refrigerator must be properly installed and located in accordance with the Installation Instructions before it is used. Do not install the refrigerator in a damp place or a place where it may come in contact with water. · Deteriorated insulation of electrical parts may cause an electric shock or fire. Do not allow children to climb, stand or hang on the shelves or doors in the refrigerator. They could damage the refrigerator and seriously injure themsleves. The appliance is not intended for use by children or infirm persons without supervision. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. If the refrigerator is not to be used for a long period of time, pull out the power plug. The incorporated ice-makers are to be installed only by the manufacturer or its service agent. Use only the ice-maker provided with the refrigerator. The water supply to this refrigerator must only be installed/connected by a suitably qualified person and connect to a potable water supply only...
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