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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя BLAUPUNKT VERONA-CR-43

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If "Cod" appears on the display, read the chapter "Anit-Theft Coding" first. Volume control: By turning the knob SCAN (search operation): During radio reception, the stations are briefly sampled by pressing the knob for approx. one second. Balance: Pull knob and adjust left/right volume by turning the knob. 2 / rocker switch Radio: Automatical station tuning Coding: Read first the "Anti-Theft Coding" chapter. : Press rocker switch to confirm your code entry. 5 Cassette compartment 6 Track indication - side A or 1 is played - side B or 2 is played (reverse operation) 7 FR button (Fast Rewind) Fast rewind of the tape. Deactivate: press button FF. 8 PROG (Autoreverse) For shifting to the other side of the tape - press both buttons. 9 FF button (Fast Forward) Fast forward of the tape Deactivate: press button FR. : Display for ; Preset buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Store station - Keep button depressed during radio operation until the station becomes audible again. Recall station - Briefly press the respective button. Coding - Read the "Anti-Theft Coding" chapter first. Buttons 1 - 4: Use to enter a four-digit code number. Press each of the buttons until the fourdigit code to be found in the car radio passport is represented on the display. < lo rocker switch Use this button to alter the sensitivity of the automatic station seek operation. lo lights up on the display - normal sensitivity lo does not light up - high sensitivity Additional function of the lo rocker switch: Switching from stereo to mono: Press longer than 2 seconds. DEUTSCH PORTUGUES ESPAGÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLAND ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH 3 << / >> rocker switch For fine tuning of the stations 4 Ejection of the tape Press button firmly...
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