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The diagrams show where you can safely attach the dock. You can attach the dock to the windscreen, side window or use a Dashboard Mount Disk to attach the dock to your dashboard. TomTom also offers alternative mounting solutions for your TomTom navigation device. For more information about Dashboard Mount Disks and alternative mounting solutions, go to www. tomtom. com/accessories. Installing the dock Make sure that both the holder and your window are clean and dry. Press the suction cup firmly against the window on an area where the glass is flat. Twist the base of the EasyPort holder in a clockwise direction to lock the holder in place. For detailed instructions, check the installation section at the start of this manual. Safety preferences We recommend using the safety preferences to make your driving as safe as possible. The safety preferences include, for example, the following options: · Hide most menu options when driving · Show safety reminders · Warn when driving faster than allowed 8 TomTom Safety Alerts The TomTom Safety Alerts service warns you about a variety of locations including: · Safety camera locations. · Accident blackspot locations. · Mobile safety camera locations. · Average speed camera locations. · Toll road camera locations. · Traffic light camera locations. Important: Regularly connect your navigation device to TomTom HOME to update the list of locations for all Safety Alerts. If a wireless connection is available for your device, mobile safety camera locations can be sent to your device using a wireless connection. When a safety camera location is shown on the map, a warning sound is played to warn you that you are approaching an area where a safety camera is located...
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