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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя TOMTOM GO-530

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What's in the box What's in the box a Your TomTom GO A C D A Microphone B Charging light C On/off button D Light sensor E Reset button F Speaker G Memory card slot (SD card not included) for optional additional maps H USB connector I TomTom connector / RDS-TMC connector J External antenna connector K Audio out connector c Car charger* B J F H G I K E b Windscreen holder d Home dock e Documentation pack * In the TomTom GO x30 HD Traffic, this is replaced by the TomTom HD Traffic Receiver. Included with TomTom GO x30T f RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver 2 Included with TomTom GO 930 and 930T g Remote control Included with TomTom GO x30 HD Traffic h TomTom HD Traffic Receiver A Power indicator - Red light B HD Traffic Receiver indicator - Blue light A B 3 2. Before you start. Before you start. Switching on and off To switch your TomTom GO on or off, press and hold the On/Off button for 2 seconds. The first time you switch on, it may take a short while for your device to start. Note: In rare cases, your GO may not start correctly. If this happens, press the reset button, then switch on the device again. Setting up To set up your TomTom GO you need to answer a few questions by tapping the screen. Important: Take care to select the correct language, since the language you choose will be used for all menus and written instructions. Battery notes We recommend that you fully charge your TomTom GO the first time that you connect it to the Home dock. It takes up to 2 hours to charge the battery completely. When you place your GO in the Home dock, you are asked if you wish to connect to the computer. If you select No, the device will switch off if you do not tap the screen for three minutes. This happens so that the battery can recharge at a faster rate. For information on connecting your computer, see Using TomTom HOME on page 101...
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