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Фрагмент инструкции: руководство пользователя FORD EXPLORER 4WD

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Now, you'll be able to travel places where roads don't. You'll be able to travel when weather conditions have made roads impassible for two-wheel drive vehicles. Most importantly, you'll be able to travel with the safety, comfort and dependability of a Ford-built vehicle. The steering and handling characteristics of vehicles may vary and you must learn and understand the capabilities and limitations of your 4WD or AWD through experience. Take it slow and easy until you get to know and understand your vehicle and have confidence in your ability to drive it. Your 4WD or AWD vehicle, particularly when loaded, may handle differently than an ordinary passenger car. This is because your vehicle has special design and equipment feature for off-road operation. Familiarize yourself with this vehicle's operating characteristics. Study the "Owner's Guide" and this supplement for specific information and instructions for safe driving under various conditions. 2 Notice to 4x2 utility vehicle owners All occupants should always wear the safety belts provided and children/infants should use appropriate restraints to minimize the risk of injury or ejection. Driving at speeds safe for road conditions and the use of safety belts are the best means of avoiding the possibility of accident and serious injury...
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